Manufacturer of containers for automotive components

The containers are designed and manufactured to store and transport automotive components. They are integrated into the scheduling of production lines of companies in this sector. The guidelines and standards for this process and manufacture are established by the client.

Manufacture of control cabins for port cranes

Manufacture of control cabinets for Portainer cranes, ground control or checker and for stevedores rest. The chassis is cut by laser and assembled by welding, after the painting phase is shot peened and the sealing of joints to ensure tightness. Given that the cabins suffer exposure to the marine environment, the painting process must be treated with special attention. It runs in cabins equipped with a drying oven, using Airless high pressure equipment. The manufacturing process of the cabins ends with the assembly of elements such as windows, rubber joints, locks, seats and floor coverings. The cabins are equipped with electrical surface installation made with PVC.


Loading, handling and storage tools

Talleres A. Villajos carries out processes according to the needs of the client. This includes all kinds of loading, handling and storage tools for work in port terminals.
We can develop according to customer needs useful for the loading and unloading of ships and trucks and handling. Tools such as entrance shovels, lifting rings, etc. Storage racks for both machinery and work ítems are also manufactured.

Work platforms and access stairs

Talleres A. Villajos facilitates a multitude of constructive solutions in the design and development of work platforms, such as access stairs for the safe use of operators at the different work points.
We develop large platforms, with the possibility of being manipulated both by gantry cranes and loaded by large tonnage trucks for transport as required.
We develop a multitude of stairs and access platforms, for all types of machinery and installations. Cat ladders with and without platforms, step ladders for cranes both portainer and trastainer, interior stairs for access in warehouses, etc.

Several ítems

For our customers we offer a multitude of practical solutions for daily work, from signalling elements for both tracks and machinery, to elements of support for the different elements that can be mounted on any work machinery.
We can develop and install a multitude of enclosures, canopies and roofs for different spaces for storage, work areas or offices.

Maintenance Services

Talleres Villajos is doing the maintenance of elements of work due to the daily use they have to be repaired, substituted or improved.

Division by laser cutting:

Division of milling-drilling by numerical control:

Division of eccentric presses with interchangeable feeder

Division of automatic welding robots

Division of saws with automatic feeder

Division of presses and punching machines

Pallet repair division

Shot-blasting division for painted and heat-treated components



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